The Atomics

Membership: It Girl, Mr.Gum, Zapman, Lava Lass, The Slug, Metal Man, The Black Crystal, The Lazer

Purpose: To fight crime and play good music.

Affiliations: Madman

Enemies: The Cadaver; The Skunk

Base of Operations: Snap City

First Appearance: (as normal humans / street beatniks) Madman Comics #1 (Dark Horse); (began to develop powers) Madman Comics #15 (Dark Horse); (as the Atomics) Atomics #1 (AAA Pop Comics)

History: The Atomics were originally a group of street beatniks who stumbled across an alien spore left behind by Zenelle, an alien female looking to find a mate. The spore caused all of them to mutate, giving them a warty, pustulent appearance. At first they were extremely unhappy with this disfigurement, and blamed their exposure on the hero known as Madman, harassing him several times while using the name "The Mutant Street Beatniks". Eventually one of them discovered the change hadn't ended with their initial appearance alterations. He discovered that his body had become malleable, able to stretch and distort into any shape; in addition, activation of this new power rid him of his lumpy looks. Calling himself Mister Gum (though the press preferred "The Booger"), he decided to become a superhero, and convinced the rest of the mutated beatniks to try activating their powers too. They did (and in most cases their skin cleared up at this point). They were joined by Zapman, an extra-terrestrial, and together formed the Atomics, a new superhero group (and rocking band)

Comments: Created by Mike Allred.

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