Real Name: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier

Identity/Class: Mutant human

Occupation: (formerly) School teacher

Affiliations: Alpha Flight, Weapon X

Enemies: Omega Flight, Llan the Sorcerer, Loki

Known Relatives: Jean-Paul Beaubier (Northstar, twin brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Canada

First Appearance: X-Men

Powers/Abilities: Aurora can fly and move at superhuman speeds. Prior to having her powers altered by Sasquatch, she was capable of generating a blinding flash of light when she made physical contact with her brother, Northstar. After undergoing an experimental process to sever this link she generated light by herself, but physical contact with her brother could temporarily disrupt both their powers. She was also rendered invisible to mutant detection devices by the same process.

History: Jeanne-Marie Beaubier was separated from her brother Jean-Paul shortly after the two of them were orphaned. Jeanne-Marie was raised by nuns, who believed in being strict with children - so strict that Jeanne-Marie eventually tried to commit suicide in her early teens by throwing herself off the roof of a building. Instead of dying she discovered her power of flight. The next morning she made the mistake of telling the sisters of this "miracle", and was severely punished for her lies and blasphemy. This seems to have been the final straw for her damaged psyche. She developed a split personality: Jeanne-Marie was the good Catholic girl who never broke the rules; Aurora was a hellion out for maximum fun.

Some years later Aurora was discovered by Wolverine when he witnessed her dealing with a mugger who had attacked her. Recruited into Alpha Flight, her resemblance to famous skier Jean-Paul Martin led James Hudson to dig through her history and discover that he was her twin. He reunited the pair, who swiftly bonded. However Jean-Paul's inability to accept his sister's different personalities eventually annoyed Aurora so much that she had her boyfriend, Walter Langowski (Sasquatch), perform a procedure designed to alter her genetic structure and sever the bond between them. Although she later made up with him, the change appears to have been irreversible.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.


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