a.k.a.: The Sport and Adventure Picture Story Weekly; Tiger and Jag, Tiger and Speed

Publisher: IPC; formerly Amalgamated Press

Format: Weekly anthology title

First Issue: 11th September 1954

Last Issue: 30th March 1985 (1555 issues)

Absorbed: Champion, Comet, Hurricane, Jag, Speed, Scorcher and Score

Absorbed into: Eagle

Strips: Olac the Gladiator, Roy of the Rovers, Jet-Ace Logan, Johnny Cougar; Danny Jones, Time Traveller; Typhoon Tracy; Skid Solo; Black Archer; Battler Britton; Saber, King of the Jungle; Football Family Robinson; Hot-Shot Hamish; Nipper; Billy's Boots; Death Wish; Topps on Two Wheels; Sintek; Golden Boy; Star Rider; Death Wish; Topps on Two Wheels

Comments: Launched by Amalgamated Press in 1954 with the subtitle "The Sport and Adventure Picture Story Weekly", Tiger proved to be one of Amalgamated successor IPC's most enduring titles, surviving for 31 years and 1555 issues, with 31 Tiger Annuals and numerous Summer Specials, and absorbing six other IPC titles during its run, beginning with Champion in 1955. The last issue of Tiger was cover dated 30th March 1985; a week later, 6th April 1985, it merged with Eagle as of that title's #159. Tiger's name remained on the cover, in a gradually diminishing font, until Eagle #221 on 14th June 1988.

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