a.k.a.: Companion paper to Valiant

Publisher: Fleetway

Format: Weekly anthology comic

First Issue: 29th February 1964

Last Issue: 8th May 1965 (63 issues)

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Tiger

Comments: Fleetway launched Hurricane on 29th February 1964, a title featuring mostly adventure strips and aimed at teenage boys. For several issues it was subtitled "companion paper to Valiant", presumably to encourage some of that title's readership to pick up Hurricane too. The first issue's cover star, whose adventures featured throughout Hurricane's run, was superstrong but slightly dim troubleshooter Typhoon Tracy, with other strips including Danny Jones - Time Traveller, The Juggernaut from Planet Z, The Shadow, The Phantom of Cursitor Marsh, Epics of Sport, Sword for Hire, He Rides Alone, Warrior Without Wings, Two Fists Against the World and The Worst Boy in School. The most successful strip, in hindsight at least, was Skid Solo, about an adventuring racing driver. After 63 issues Hurricane was cancelled, with the last issue coming out on 8th May 1965; a week later it was merged into Tiger. Skid Solo and Typhoon Tracy both made the transition to their new home. Skid however, proved to be enduring, and continued to run in Tiger for decades, surviving several further mergers.

Despite cancelling after only a year, Hurricane continued to have annuals; a total of ten Hurricane Annuals were released, for the years 1964 through 1973.

Bear Alley Books have released an excellent guide to this title, which I highly recommend if British comics are of interest.

Strips: Typhoon Tracy, The Juggernaut from Planet Z, The Shadow, Phantom of Cursitor Marsh, The Black Avenger, Danny Jones, Time Traveller, Skid Solo, Sword for Hire!, The Worst Boy in the School, Two Fists Against the World, Epics of Sport, HMS Outcast, Paratrooper, He Rides Alone, Hurry of the Hammers, A Yankee at the Court of King Arthur, Rod the Odd Mod and 'is Old Pal Percy Vere, Danger Men, When the Lights Went Out, Peril on Planet Z, Rob o' the Wood, Well - Fancy That, Sir Hector the Spectre, Carlos of the Wild Horses, Great Escapes, Birk n' Ed, Brett Marlowe - Detective, Danger Island

Skid Solo

Sword for Hire

The Worst Boy in School

Two Fists Against the World

Hurry of the Hammers


Epics of Sport

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