I, Spy

Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Spy

Affiliations: Boss, Sssssh!

Enemies: Hoots McBagpipes, Karate Chip, Fatman, Mr. X, Mr. Mastermind, Mr. Tempest, Mahairee Yogi, Slinky Snitchovich, Wellington Boot, Esq., Doctor Q, Aye McSpy, Cammy Flage

Known Relatives: Granny Spy (grandmother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Sparky #211 (1st February 1969)

Powers/Abilities: I, Spy is a master intelligence agent armed with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of gadgets for any and all situations, all hidden within his omnipresent tenchcoat. However, his greatest weapons are his sharp mind and quick wits.

History: I Spy is a top British secret agent working for a covert agency (possibly named Sssssh!), who was never to be found without his gadget-filled trenchcoat. Armed with an inexhaustible supply of gadgets beneath his trilby hat and trenchcoat, his true appearance was never seen throughout any of his appearances - in fact, in his early strips he rarely even removed his hands from his pockets, seemingly able to activate and deploy his gadgets without moving his limbs.

I Spy reported to a man he only ever referred to as Boss (but whose name was apparently Bert), and took on a variety of colourful opponents including Hoots McBagpipes, Karate Chip, Mahairee Yogi, Slinky Snitchovich and Wellington Boot, Esq. However, his most dangerous foe was the villainous Mr. X.

Comments: Created by Peter Clark and Les Barton.

I, Spy enjoyed a lengthy run that outlasted Sparky itself.

He did occasionally remove his coat, as he sometimes evaded foes if they managed to corner him by digging downwards rapidly, vanishing into the ground while leaving his coat and hat behind as a decoy, still standing upright without him inside to support them - but even in these instances, he remained hidden from the viewer.

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