Publisher: IPC

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: 24th March 1984

Last Issue: 30th June 1984 (15 issues)

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Eagle

Strips: The Dracula File, The Thirteenth Floor, Monster, The Nightcomers, Library of Death, Tales from the Grave, Terror of the Cats, A Ghastly Tale.

Comments: A British weekly anthology horror comic, Scream's resident editor was Ghastly McNasty, who also introduced his Ghastly Tales. In addition to Ghastly and the Leper, there were a couple of one off guest horror hosts in the Holiday Specials, the Night Comer and the Ghoul.

Scream ran for 15 issues, and a 16 was previewed in the back of issue 15, but industrial action stopped any issues being released in July or August 1984. Feeling the title wasn't strong enough to survive this hiatus, IPC opted to cancel it and merge it with Eagle, beginning with Eagle and Scream #128, cover dated 1st September 1984. Thirteenth Floor and Monster survived the merger with Eagle, with the former enjoying an especially long run in its new home. Five Summer Specials were released after the title's cancellation.

Both The Dracula File and some of Thirteenth Floor have been collected and released by Hibernia Comics. In 2016 a complete collection of Monster was released by Rebellion.

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