History: Founded in December 1992 by Jason and Chris Kingsley, Rebellion was, and still mostly is, a video game developer. However the brothers were long time fans of British comics, and in particular 2000 A.D., so when Rebellion proved successful, they bought the rights for 2000 A.D. and its sister title Judge Dredd Megazine from then rights holders Egmont U.K. This proved to be a major turning point for these titles, which had arguably been suffering from an overall drop in quality during the 1990s, but began to regain their iconic status under Rebellion's management. Over the next few years Rebellion developed a handful of computer games based on 2000 A.D. properties (notably Rogue Trooper and Judge Dredd), as well as expanding into publishing novels via their Solaris Books imprints, and tabletop RPGs, purchasing gaming companies Mongoose Publishing and Cubicle 7; in both instances some of the books and games produced were again based on 2000 A.D. properties. Much more significant from the perspective of U.K. comics was the subsequent purchase of the post-1970s IPC and Fleetway comic rights from Egmont in August 2016, and then the pre-1970s titles from TI Media (formerly Time Inc) in September 2018, reuniting one of the largest libraries of U.K. comic characters under a single publisher for the first time since they had been split in the late 1980s. Since acquiring this vast resource Rebellion have been reprinting old stories in collected volumes as part of their Treasury of British Comics, as well as new specials and ongoing series. Additionally in November 2018 Rebellion ventured into film and TV production, intending to adapt their characters to the screen. 

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Publications (non-reprint): 2000A.D., Hawk the Slayer, Judge Dredd Megazine, Monster Fun, Sniper Elite: Resistance, The Vigilant

Characters/Series (partial list only): ABC Warriors, Bill Savage, Black Beth, Black Max, Nikolai Dante, Judge Anderson, Judge Dredd, Karl the Viking, Leopard from Lime Street, Nemesis the Warlock, Robot Archie, Rogue Trooper, Sláine, the Spider, Janus Stark, Steel Claw, Steel Commando, Strontium Dog, Sweeny Toddler, Thirteenth Floor, Zenith

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