General Jumbo

Real Name: Alfie "Jumbo" Johnson

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: School boy, Professor Carter's assistant

Affiliations: Professor Carter

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Admiral Jumbo

Base of Operations: Dinchester

First Appearance: Beano  #584 (D.C.Thomson, 26 September 1953- 11th October 1975); Nutty (1980-81), Buddy (?)

Powers/Abilities: A large variety of miniature troops and vehicles. Jumbo controls these with a wrist device.

History: Twelve year old Alfie Johnson of Dinchester, nicknamed Jumbo by his friends because of his plump, hefty figure, followed his football over a wall. On the other side he is attacked by a tiny RAF jet and a squadron of small tanks, part of an experimental mini-robot army being built by the inventor Professor Carter. When he subsequently saves the Professor from being run over by a bus, Carter rewarded Alfie with the position of General of his remote control army.




A slightly older Jumbo turned up in Nutty (1980s)Comments: Created by Paddy Brennan.

General Jumbo was also known as Admiral Jumbo at one point, when he was also given control of a fleet of tiny ships (see below right).

One of the illustrators of the original Beano Jumbo was Paddy Brennan. Thanks to Jim Croasdale for additional information on the artist for this character, and Jim Clay for providing information confirming his correct first name (there were conflicting sources).



When Alan Moore was writing Captain Britain, a version of General Jumbo (called Colonel Tusker) was seen being killed by the Fury.

General Jumbo turns up in ZenithHe also cameod very briefly in Zenith as one of the dead heroes of Earth 666.

Greg Ash informs me that "As you can imagine, General Jumbo has also been parodied by VIZ. The strip was called "General Jubblies". In it, the character had a radio controlled army but they weren't soldiers, they were robot copies of Charlie Dimmocks' breasts! In the story, the Mayor is being bothered by an elderly gentleman who wants to complain about something or other. The General heroically saves him by ordering his Robotic Norks to bounce up and down and give the gent a heart attack."

Most recently a version of him, General Tubbs, has turned up in Jack Staff.


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