Publisher: D.C.Thomson

Format: Weekly comic strip anthology

First Issue: Hornet #1 (14th September 1963)

Last Issue: Hornet #648 (7th February 1976)

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Hotspur

Strips: The Bent Copper, Bernard Briggs, Big Palooka, The Blazing Ace of Space, The Blitz Kid, Bring 'Em Back Barney, Buffalo Boy, Captain Hornet, Deep Sea Commandos, Eleven Little Soccer Boys, The Floating Man, The Flying Tiger, The Galloping Ghost, G of the Secret Service, Grapnel Grip, Harry the Hitch, The Hover Rovers, The Incredible Manny Kritch, Inspector Jellicoe, Island of Lost Champions, Jonah, Laramie, The Limping Man, The Lost Gold of the Haunted Canyons, The Phantom Fliers, The Man's a Marvel, Marmaduke's Commandos, Mountie Muldoon, Mr. Frozen Face, Nickel, Nightingale Nobbs, The Ninety-Minute Nelsons, One Man on a Camel, The One Pip Wonder, Phil the First, Run Till You Drop, Sergeant Morgan, Sergeant Sixty, Shark Squad, Slade of the Pony Express, Special Squad, Springheeled Jack, Swordsman of the Queen, The Team from Trisidium, Todger the Dodger, The Truth About Wilson, V for Vengeance, Vengeance of the Snow Wolf, The War of the Wasps


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