Real Name: Bobby Lane





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Deathmate Black (Image/Valiant crossover); Gen 13

Powers/Abilities: Burnout has pyrokinetic abilities. He can turn into a being of plasma, and is able to fly while in that state.

History: Bobby Lane was a loner, living to play electric guitar and uncaring about the rest of the world around him. Unknown to him though, he was the child of one of the superpowered special ops Team 7 members. For decades the corrupt I.O. organisation had been carrying out genetic experiments designed to create super-soldiers for the government. Team 7 were among the 12th generation of this experiment (Gen 12), and among the first successes - previous attempts had ended in death for the subjects. When madness had spread amongst many of the members of Gen 12, I.O. had decided to try again with their children: Gen 13.

Bobby was recuited to be part of the Gen 13 project, unaware of this history. There he began to connect with others; Grunge, Fairchild and Freefall. And it was there that he first had his latent powers unlocked. But when he and his friends discovered what the end goal of the project was, and that the plan was to control any successes by numbing their wills using drugs, they planned an escape. The four of them were joined on their escape by two others: Sarah Rainmaker and Threshold. Unknown to the rest of them Threshold was loyal to I.O., and only went along because it was his mission to try and awaken the latent powers of Freefall and Grunge (who hadn't manifested any yet) and create a killer instinct in the group that the government desired in its superpowered operatives. He succeeded, and then betrayed the group. All of them except Fairchild were recaptured. She came back for them, and having made a second, successful escape they allied with Mr. Lynch, a former member of Team 7 who had been fighting I.O. for years. Some time later it transpired that Lynch was Bobby's father, and after some initial awkwardness the two have come to accept this new dynamic in their relationship.



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