Real Name: Matthew Callahan

First Appearance: Gen13 mini series#1





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: For a long time, the government has been conducting experiments on human beings to get an army of super soldiers, being successful in the twelfth experiment, which granted psionic powers to the special ops squad known as Team 7, among others. Unfortunately, those experiments had the side effect of driving many of the subjects insane, and so a new approach was tried, this time using the descendants of Gen12. The fact that not all of the members of Gen12 were willing to surrender their children to the project didn't worry those running it.

One of the ones who resisted was Stephen Callahan (aka Wraparound), an active Gen 12 and former member of Team 7 who was on the run from the Black Razors. He tried to escape with his wife and his two children. They failed, and he and his wife were apparently murdered in front of their children (although it has since transpired that Callahan is alive and kept in stasis by his attackers). After Callahan's apparent death, the two siblings were captured and brought to I.O. where they were brainwashed and converted into new operatives for Project: Genesis. Fifteen years later, Matthew and his younger sister Nicole were considered the most valuable pawns of Sci-Tech (International Operations).

Matthew, who had to take care of his unstable sister, and had to train his body and powers, turned out to be a quite serious and reserved man, just concerned abut his work and projects. He's a very fast and skilled student of martial arts, in addition to his enormous psychic potential, well developed for his age. However, he lets his anger control his acts, being quite dangerous even for his companions. He's known to inhale some kind of drugs that he calls his medicine, and is still unrevealed what could happen if he stopped consuming it. Although I.O. thought that Threshold was to be a good and disciplined soldier, he had his own plans: he was trying to join all the genetically enhanced youngsters involved in the project to rule the world.

When Craven and Ivana, two of the project directors, began to recruit personnel for the Gen13 project, a small group composed of Fairchild, Spaulding, Chang, Rainmaker and Lane escaped after having their potentials triggered. Threshold, in disguise, joined them in their flight, which had been planned by him to trigger Grunge and Roxy's powers or kill them, whichever came first. He also endeavoured to make them bloodthirsty, turning their powers against their pursuers and killing them.

After that, he encouraged the group to return to I.O. and destroy them all before they had the chance to destroy the kids. All but Caitlin agreed to this. Believing that Caitlin didn't have the guts to do anything herself,  Threshold left her behind and walked the rest into a trap. Since Grunge still hadn't shown any trace of powers, he began to torture him. Caitlin somehow got a glimpse of Freefall's thoughts and came back to help them, but Threshold at last revealed his true colours and easily defeated the gang, for in addition to his abilities, he was capable of reading his opponents' minds to predict their next move. When everything seemed lost, Sarah captured Bliss, his sister, and ordered him to stop or she would kill the girl. Threshold reluctantly acquiesced, took his sister and departed, vowing revenge.

More recently Ivana Baiul took a group of Gen 13 children, dubbed DV8 and including Threshold and his sister Bliss, to New York, a grand experiment to see how they would handle being let loose in the Big Apple. Threshold has been made the effective mission leader of DV8, but he is sociopathic. Ivana keeps him in line with sex, but this is being eroded by his sister, Bliss, who is slowly seducing him with her pheromone powers.

He’s vicious, he believes implicitly in Ivana, and considers himself above the common herd. He thinks he has clean hands. He’s a Nazi, in essence. He sees no worth in the Manhattan hordes that surround him, and would cheerfully kill them all given half a chance.

Powers/Abilities: His ability is sourced in violent Psionics. With his mind, he can rip metal, smash stone, break wills, explode heads...



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