Real Name: Caitlin Fairchild

Identity/Class: Human mutant


Affiliations: Gen-13


Known Relatives: Alex Fairchild


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Deathmate Black (Image/Valiant crossover); Gen13

Powers/Abilities: Before she was abducted into the Gen 13 program, Caitlin was a small underdeveloped girl-child. Once her powers bloomed, Caitlin grew to amazon proportions. She is a natural leader whose inner beauty is matched by her outward beauty. Caitlin's power is super human strength (100+ tons) and invulnerability. According to Threshold, all the kids of Gen13 have the potential of being telepaths and telekinetics.

History: Caitlin Fairchild is the daughter of Alex Fairchild, one of the soldiers subjected to experiments by the US government. Alex's generation of super humans had the same powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Their children, generation thirteen, were born with a huge variety of powers. Seeking to build a superhuman army, the government hunted down the Gen-13 children. Caitlin was a brilliant but lonely computer science student studying at Princeton when she was recruited. Genetic manipulation caused her to grow dramatically until she was well over six foot tall, gaining superhuman strength in the process.

But Caitlin came to suspect that the project was more than a little dubious, and along with her friends, they escaped, helped by John Lynch, a man involved with the project who had been a member of Team 7 alongside her father. Initially she returned to the home of her uncle and aunt, who had raised her as a child, but her cousin's husband betrayed her, selling her out, and she was forced to flee. She reunited with the other escapees at the home of Lynch, in La Jolla.

Caitlin tends to feel responsible for the rest of the group, which can be a stressful attitude when dealing with individuals like Grunge and Freefall. At first she was obsessed with locating her missing father, as he had abandoned her to his family's keeping in order to protect her, but when she finally met him during the Fire from Heaven crisis she realised that he was used to being a loner, and happy with the way his life is now. Since then she has come to think of the rest of her team as her family.

In the early days Caitlin had a crush on Lynch, but after a brief visit to a possible future where he was an insane dictator, she went off him. Lynch sensed her uneasiness around him, and knowing he needed her to keep the group together, he called on Alex, her father, suggesting running the team together. However Alex wasn't enamored with Lynch's idea of embroiling the kids in a war against Ivana Baiul and her team of Gen-13 kids, DV8. Lynch took a sabbatical, leaving Alex in charge of the team.

The group discovered that Alex was also Freefall's father, making Roxy and Caitlin half-sisters. But when an old enemy, Professor Tindalos, captured them and attempted to rape Caitlin, Alex went berserk, unleashing the full force of his telekinesis. The kids escaped, but Caitlin couldn't stop her father as his powers escalated dangerously out of control, driving him insane. She fled, and her father and Tindalos were wiped out in the telekinetic equivalent of a nuclear explosion. Caitlin has been devastated by this.



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