Real Name: Sarah Rainmaker

Identity/Class: Human mutant




Known Relatives: Callahan (father), Bliss (half-sister), Threshold (half-brother)


Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Stormwatch #8 (first appearance); Gen13

History: Apache born, Sarah Rainmaker's powers first manifested while living on the San Carlos Reservation. She caught the attention of the Keepers, who were ordered to capture the seedling and bring her back to I.O. for testing. But Sarah managed to elude her captors and fled to the desert. She remained in hiding for three days before Ripclaw, a fellow Apache, discovered her.

Dispatched by Sarah's family to ensure her safety, Ripclaw was followed by Keepers. Stormwatch was also notified that a young girl in the desert had manifested and saw to it that she would be safely returned to her family. With the help of Battalion, Ripclaw was able to defeat the Keepers. Their victory was bittersweet.

Waiting for Sarah were the I.O. officials who had sought Sarah in the first place. Brought to Project: Genesis, Rainmaker met her future teammates, Fairchild, Burnout, Grunge, and Freefall. With the help of then I.O. Director John Lynch, Rainmaker and the others managed to escape.

Since then, Rainmaker and her teammates have successfully outmaneuvered Ivana Baiul and the rest of I.O. There have been moments of friction as the rest of the team is still adjusting to Sarah's sexual lifestyle. Most affected is friend and teammate, Burnout, who has taken a strong romantic interest in Sarah.

Powers/Abilities: Sarah can control the forces of nature. She can fire lightning bolts, a power which she concentrates by the use of an electronic device on her wrists.



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