Real Name: John Lynch

First Appearance: Gen13





Known Relatives:

Aliases: Topkick

Base of Operations:

History: Lynch was once a top agent for an unnamed covert government agency, until his sterling record attracted the attention of his superiors, and he was recruited to lead Team 7, a team of the finest and best operatives that all the various government forces (CIA, NSA, FBI, Army, Marines, etc) could offer. Lynch was codenamed "Topkick". While he was nominally the leader, he had difficulty getting the respect of his teammates, due in part to his unquestioning following of orders and his strict adherence to the rules. He naively believed the government would always act with the best intentions, even after the group were deliberately exposed to radiation in an experiment to see if they could survive.

The groups' exposure to the Gen factor occurred when they were sent on a supposed blackbag mission (just shoot everyone) which turned out to be a trap concocted by Miles Craven who was in charge of all Team 7 activities. Waking up a few weeks later all of the members with the exception of Michael Cray (Deathblow, whose powers would not reveal themselves for about 20 years) displayed greatly enhanced mental powers.

The Team later broke up when they were sent on another bogus mission, and Craven sent a low yield nuke down on top of them. After the team broke up, Lynch was the only one to stay with the Government, and became a Major. The government attempted to put together another squad, Team 8, but they were killed on their first mission in Cambodia. Needing Team 7 for one more mission, the government pardoned Deathblow and he and Lynch went and found the rest of the team living in Nicaragua. With some persuasion the group were convinced to briefly reunite. It was during this mission Backlash learned about his psionic whips, and Jackson Dane from Wetworks lost most of his memories.

In the late 1970's Lynch lost his eye by his own free will when he tore it from his skull during a fight with some sort of mutated being in a top secret military facility in Leningrad. He stayed in government service, becoming a Director of Operations at I.O. But when the kids of Gen 13 were recruited without his consent and exposed to experiments which had turned many members of Gen 12 insane, he helped Gen 13 to escape and left I.O. Now he lives with Gen 13 in his house in LaJolla, San Diego, acting as their mentor. It's not always the smoothest of relationships.

Powers/Abilities: Although many would point to Lynch's tactical mind and leadership as his greatest powers, his exposure to the Gen Factor had endowed him with super-human abilities. He considers these powers a closely guarded secret and rarely uses them, as each use causes him to weaken considerably.



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