Real Name: Nicole Callahan

First Appearance: Gen13 #1





Known Relatives:


Base of Operations:

History: Several decades ago the U.S. government began a series of covert experiments with the aim of creating an army of super soldiers. Each batch of subjects (or perhaps victims would be a more accurate term) suffered varying degrees of pain and horrendous deaths, until finally the twelfth group, Gen 12 as they were termed, yielded some favourable results. Many of them, among them the special ops team designated Team 7, gained psionic abilities; sadly most of Gen 12 were also driven insane. A rethink was in order, and Sci-Tech (International Operations), the scientists behind the project, decided that perhaps using the children of the successful subjects might work better - Gen 13. It was a long term plan whose main flaw was that it really didn't take into consideration whether Gen 12 wanted to allow their children to be guinea pigs. The scientists decided to save the arguing by just not asking Gen 12 their opinions.

Former Team 7 member Wraparound, real name Stephen Callahan, got wind of these plans and took his wife and two children, Nicole and Matthew, on the run, hoping to evade I.O.'s Black Razor squads which had been sent out to "recruit" Gen 13. But the Black Razors caught up with them and the children witnessed the deaths of their parents at their hands (in fact, Wraparound survived, and was kept in stasis for many years). The siblings were taken back to I.O. for brainwashing, and turned into operatives for the agency.

Fifteen years passed, and the two children had grown into I.O.'s top agents, codenamed Bliss and Threshold. Then a group of unwilling recruits led by another member of Team 7, John Lynch, escaped and formed into Gen 13 for mutual protection. They broke into I.O.'s base, forcing Ivana Baiul, head of the project, to flee with some of her creations, Bliss and Threshold included. They went to New York, where Baiul awoke her frozen troops, now dubbed DV8, in preparation for a coming confrontation with Gen 13.

The years of being brought up by the heartless scientists of I.O. seemed to have left their marks on young Nicole. She was psychopathic, enjoying manipulating people like toys, using and then discarding them, even making them hurt themselves. Sex is control for Bliss, who uses her powers to make others desire her and do anything she wants to win her favour. Her amibitions stretched beyond those of her mentor, Baiul, planning to create a network of slaves around the world. However all this may not be the true Bliss, as it turned out she had been possessed by a Daemonite. Her father Stephen, who had escaped and been watching and waiting for a chance to strike against I.O., realised this and drove the alien out. Finally free of its influence, her father then charged her with deciding for herself what she would do with her life, free of the control of others for the first time since she was a young child.

Powers/Abilities: Bliss is a trans-empathic manipulator. That means she can alter emotions and feelings of others, ranging from love to hate.

Comments: As well as being the sister of Threshold, she is also Sarah Rainmaker's sister too.


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