Ivana Baiul

Real Name: Ivana Baiul

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: Scientist, former scientific head of I.O.

Affiliations: DV8

Enemies: Gen 13

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York

First Appearance: Gen13 miniseries #1

Powers/Abilities: Ivana is a cyborg, although I don't know her exact capabilities.

History: Ivana Baiul was the scientific head of I.O., an immoral company which under her leadership conducted a number of illicit genetic experiments on human subjects, mutating them. There were twelve such sets of experiments carried out, with the last one, dubbed Gen 12, being the most successful; even then most of the victims went insane from the process. Determined to press on, Ivana targetted the children of Gen 12, believing they would be pre-conditioned to handle the process better.

Her first recruits, dubbed Bliss and Threshold, were taken after her men killed their parents. Similar techniques were used to gather the rest, many of whom were literally put on ice, suspended animation, for later use. However some of her targets escaped, aided by John Lynch, and formed into Gen 13 for mutual protection. They broke into Ivana's base, forcing Ivana to flee with some of her creations, Bliss and Threshold included..

Ivana went to New York, where she awoke her frozen troops, now dubbed DV8, in preparation for a coming confrontation with Gen 13. In the meantime she gets her kicks by indulging her curiosity as to how her psychologically scarred operatives will interact with the real world.

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