Real Name: Zane Townsend

Identity/Class: Re-animated corpse

Occupation: (prior to death) assassin; (after death) superhero

Affiliations: The Atomics; Josephine "Joe" Lombard (girlfriend); Mott (alien friend from the planet Hoople); Dr. Gillespie Flem and Doctor Boifford (creators, latter one deceased); the Tick

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: Frank Einstein

Base of Operations: Snap City

First Appearance: Creatures of the ID  "For the Record" (Caliber Comics, 1990)

Other Appearances: Madman; Madman Adventures; Madman Comics; Superman/Madman; Nexus meets Madman; Madman/The Jam; The Atomics

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman co-ordination, unpredictable precognition and some kind of psychic insight.

History: Zane Townsend was an assassin, at least until he died in a car crash. This proved to be a life changing experience, but not, as you might expect, a life-ending one. His corpse was stolen by mad scientists Doctor Boiffard and Doctor Flem, who reanimated it minus any memories of his former life, and christened him "Frank Einstein" (after Frank Sinatra and Albert Einstein).

A clean slate, but gifted with a high level of intelligence and a smidgeon of psychic ability, Frank was to embark on a number of adventures. He fell in love with temp lab assistant Josephine "Joe" Lombard, even though as a reanimated corpse he wasn't the nicest looking guy around, so he took to wearing a costume similar to one worn by his favourite superhero, partly to hide his dead looks, and partly to boost his confidence. Doctor Boiffard was killed by a madman seeking immortality, sending Frank on a hunt to locate Doctor Flem to revive him, and Joe was kidnapped. This double quest brought out a previously unrecognised heroic streak in the dead man, and after he had rescued Joe he continued to battle monsters and evil robots as Madman.

Comments: Created by Mike Allred, copyright to him.

In case you hadn't figured it out, Madman's secret identity of Frank Einstein is a play on Frankenstein, the fictional scientist who originally reanimated a human corpse.

Madman is one of the participants in War of the Independents.

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