The Terror Toymaker

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Toymaker, scientist

Affiliations: His toys, Big Teddy

Enemies: Tim Blake, Sue Blake

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Jackpot

Powers/Abilities: None. However he had an army of deadly toys each with its own unique abilities, such as the evil robot Big Teddy. Unlike other killer toy operators (such as General Jumbo, Nick Jardine or Dr Droll), the Toymaker doesn't used modified soldier toys (war toys) and the like, preferring to modify more innocuous things like teddy bears and clockwork mice.

History: Unknown. The Terror Toymaker used his mechanical knowledge to create an army of murderous robot toys with which he committed crimes and terrorised people. His main opponents where the two children Tim and Sue Blake.

Comments: Okay, so newer information now lets me know that the Toys of Doom strip in Buster (with the Toymaker) was reprinted as Threat of the Toymaker (with Dr Droll) in Smash and then again (with at least some new artwork) as The Terror Toys (with the Terror Toymaker) in Jackpot, with one last reprint of the original strip, back at home in Buster but under the title of The Terror Toys in 1986. Then a new story was created as a continuation as the Toys of Doom (with Nick Jardine, great-grandson of the the Toymaker) in EAGLE in 1989. Confused? You will be.

Tim and Sue, the nemesis of the Terror Toymaker

Big Teddy, his trusted ally

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