Real Name: Grant Farrel

Identity/Class: Magically empowered human




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: Valhalla

First Appearance: Weird Comics #1 (Fox, 1940)

Powers/Abilities: Able to transform into Thor. In that form, he could fly, throw lightning bolts and generate storms. He wielded Thor's hammer, which could be thrown hard enough to smash through multiple tanks before returning to his hand.

History: Believing that the world needed a defender, Thor, son of Odin and supreme ruler of Valhalla, endowed mortal Grant Farrel with Thor's own powers, which Farrel used to become a crimefighter.

Comments: Thor made his final appearance in Weird Comics #5 in August 1940. Thor and Grant as Thor can be easily told apart, as the real Thor has a thick moustache and wears red, while Grant as Thor is clean shaven and wears blue. He'd apparently ditched the hat by his final appearance.

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