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First Appearance:  Lion (various issues between 26 June 1965 - 26 April 69)

History: The Sinister Seven were a group of villains assembled by Limbo the Unknown to take over the world, and to defeat the Society of Heroes.


Sylvester Jenkins - a sinister scientist who used his many inventions "only for villainy". The Spider originally faced him when the criminal framed him for the murder of the mobster 'Turk' Downs. Proving his innocence, the Spider teamed up with Turk's son (Spider-Boy) to bring Sylvester to justice, and he was sent to the electric chair.

He was rescued from certain death by Limbo the Unknown, who offered him a place in the Sinister Seven, a position Sylvester swiftly accepted. His obvious counterpart in the Society of Heroes was Mr Gizmo.

Sylvester seemed to suffer from something of an identity crisis - when he first appeared he liked to go by the name The Infernal Gadgeteer, then he went by the name Sylvanus Jenkins.

Limbo the Unknown - a mysterious mastermind who used 'limbonetics' to warp time and space. He could fly, teleport people, create duplicates that could pass for human, and so on. But the deadliest power he had was his cunning mind, and it was he who gathered together the Sinister Seven. As was to be expected with a group of individuals as power-hungry as the Seven, he was challenged for supremacy by both Sylvester and Gas Man.

Limbo was wanted across space and time, as was seen when police from "another time-world" where shown hunting for him using an "experimental fiend-finding machine".

The Living Totem - the last survivor of a race of living totems, this villain cruelly ruled the humanoid population of the ancient civilisation of Aztoru, until finally his subjects managed to overthrow him. They buried their paralysed ruler, before a cosmic accident wiped them all out. Centuries later Limbo the Unknown freed the Totem from his prison in return for his joining the Sinister Seven.

Each head of the Living Totem possessed different powers. The Totem may well have been killed when Head-One was engulfed and destroyed by an expanding energy sphere that resulted when two opposing destructive beams fired by the Mad Meckanoid and Rex Robot struck one another.

The Shark - the aquatic member of the Seven, the Shark boasted great strength and a razor sharp fin on his head.
The Gas Man - a being of sentient gases, the Gas Man could fly and fire deadly streams of gas. He could also extend a elongated "tongue" of gas to grab hold of things. He soon challenged Limbo for leadership of the Seven. He was vulnerable to anything that could disrupt his form, such as the vortex pellets the Spider fired into him, but would soon reform as deadly as ever.

The Mad Meckanoid - a rogue robot from Rex Robot's homeworld, and that hero's arch foe.

Muto the Multi-Form - a shape-shifting alien. He could take on any form, and proved to be natural enemy of the Society of Heroes' Tigro.

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