The Society of Heroes

Membership: Captain Whiz; Mr Gizmo; Rex Robot.; Tigro the Wild Man; Rockman; Snowman (Professor Fred Storm); the Spider

Purpose: To defend and protect people from supervillains

Affiliations: None

Enemies: The Sinister Seven

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Lion

History: The Society of Heroes was formed to battle a group of supervillains known as the Sinister Seven. Unfortunately, during the ensuing battle all but the Spider were slain.

Comments: This group, the creation of Jerry Siegal of Superman fame, made their one and only appearance in the Spider strip in the Lion comic. With the exception of the character whose strip they were guesting in, they all died battling the Sinister Seven. The members were:

The Spider - see individual entry.

Captain Whiz - a knight on a flying horse, Captain Whiz was a flamboyant hero, always cracking jokes. Armed with a lance capable of firing deadly missiles, he proved to be a coward in the end, fleeing when his ally the Spider was in mortal danger.

Mr Gizmo - while dressed in medieval gear he was nonetheless a skilled scientist and gadgeteer.

Rex Robot - a robot lawman from the planet Kragnol. He died in battle with his arch-nemesis, the Mad Meckanoid of the Sinister Seven.

Tigro the Wild Man - able to assume the form of any animal, real or imaginary. Originally he had been the pet tiger of an African witch doctor, who months earlier had cast a spell on him. As the spell was concluded a meteor plunged into the jungle, and the tiger became Tigro. The witch doctor then charged him to go out into the world and help people, which he did. However while he was battling the Sinister Seven the witch doctor was killed fighting a rogue gorilla, and the spell was broken. Tigro reverted to his original form while high up in the air, and was presumably killed in the resulting fall.

Rockman - a being of living rock, able to manipulate his form to grow and stretch or even to split in two. He was returned to his original form of an unliving statue, effectively killing him.

Snowman - Professor Fred Storm was granted the ability to turn into a being of living snow by a mysterious race of snowmen. Eventually they removed this power from him whilst he was in battle with the Sinister Seven, and thus killed him.


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