Real Name: Alan Brent

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: Sir Hugo Dunn

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Sir Hugo Dunn (guardian)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Unknown.

First Appearance: The Three-Star Adventures (Foldes Press, 1947)

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly - other powers unspecified, if any.

History: Alan Brent was being taken on a mysterious quest by his guardian, scientist Sir Hugo Dunn. The travel to Kairuan, and then set off for "the Unknown Land of White Crags". After several weeks of travelling by various modes of transport, the two are on foot in the mountains. Sir Hugo grows weaker and tells Alan to cross Table Mountain to a magic pool where a short swim will turn him into a superman. Before he can explain more he is killed by machine gun fire from a low flying plane. Alan has time to bury the old man before the plane returns, and in order to avoid it, Alan dives off a cliff into the aforementioned pool. He "feels himself the centre of powerful radiations", and unsure of what is happening blurts out a wish that he could fly like a plane in order to escape his predicament.. Suddenly he can, and he uses his new-found powers to deal with his guardian's murderer.

Comments: If he had wished for a different power, would he have got that instead? The pool was buried by a collapsing mountain just after Alan left it, so we may never know.

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