Real Name: Dr. Joan Wayne

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Adventurer, former scientist

Affiliations: Femforce

Enemies: Rad, the Claw

Known Relatives: Charlie Starrett (Paragon, husband), Jennifer Burke (Rad, daughter), unidentified grandson (deceased)

Aliases: Formerly Miss Victory, Rad

Base of Operations: USA

First Appearance: Captain Fearless #1 (Holyoke, Aug. 1941).

Powers/Abilities: Ms.Victory is superstrong. By dint of her repeated and continuing "de-aging" she is effectively immortal.

History: Dr Joan Wayne was a genetic scientist working for the U.S. government during World War II. She was working alongside fellow scientists on ways to increase the strength of American soldiers, and eventually they developed a vitamin compound, V-47, which would make the recipient not just strong, but superstrong.

Then an emergency forced Joan to take the compound herself. Having gained incredible power, she acted as any patriotic American would have during those dark years, and adopted a costumed identity, the patriotic Miss Victory.

The war ended and Joan discovered as time passed that even though the years were catching up with her, the vitamin in her blood would periodically kick in and restore her youth. By the 1980's she retired her secret identity permanently, and became Ms. Victory. Married to the superhero Paragon, she is the leader of Femforce.

Ms Victory briefly adopted the identity of Rad at a point where she had been driven insane after being forceably administed an unknown formula, the same one that had driven Black Commando insane. During this period her daughter unwillingly became the new Ms. Victory. Eventually Joan was cured of her insanity and took back the name. However not long after she was cured, an oversight resulted in the death of her infant grandson (her daughter's child). The griefstricken daughter became the new Rad.

A more recent image of Ms.VictoryComments: Thanks to Mike Murphy for the some of the images of Ms.Victory, and for information regarding her time as Rad.

Ms. Victory and Femforce are participants in War of the Independents.

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