Real Name: Jennifer Burke

Identity/Class: Human mutate


Affiliations: Formerly Femforce, Fear Force, Sentinels of Justice


Known Relatives: Joan Wayne (Ms. Victory, mother), unidentified son (deceased)

Aliases: Formerly Ms. Victory

Base of Operations:

First Appearance:


History: The original Rad was actually the original Ms. Victory, heroine of World War II. She was driven temporarily insane when she was forcefed the same formula that made the hero Black Commando go mad, and while this was the case she created the new identity of Rad. Her daughter became the new Ms. Victory to replace her. Eventually she was cured and took back the Ms. Victory name, but no long afterwards, an oversight results in the accidental death of her infant grandson. Her daughter (who had temporarily taken up the identity of Ms. Victory) either took or was administered the BC compound and became the new Rad.

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