Real Name: Ian Eagleton

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Spy

Affiliations: Colonel Thynne, Kinky Boots, MI 51/2

Enemies: Grimly Feendish

Known Relatives: Colonel Thynne (grandfather)

Aliases: Junior Spy

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Wham! #1 (20th June 1964, Odhams Press)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled spy, armed with a variety of gadgets. His hat contains a surprisingly spacious secret compartment which holds numerous gadgets.

History: Eagle-Eye is a top spy working for MI 51/2, which was run by his grandfather, Colonel Thynne. He battled the evil Grimly Feendish and his monsters on a regular basis, seeking to thwart that arch villain's plans for conquest, and his occasional partner was the gorgeous Kinky Boots. When not spying Eagle-Eye attended Conker Crescent School.

Comments: Created by Leo Baxendale.

Thanks to Paul Muir for providing information and images.

A grown-up version of Eagle-Eye, Warden Ian Eagleton, appears in Albion.

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