The Dollmaster

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Mad scientist

Affiliations: His dolls, unidentified minions

Enemies: Don Starr

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Three mansions in different remote U.K. locations

First Appearance: "The Living Dolls", Terrific #3 (Odhams, 29th April 1967)

Powers/Abilities: The Dollmaster used dolls which could be remotely animated by individuals strapped into a device of his own making. The dolls could thus access the victim's skills, such as safecracking or assassination, but their actual actions were controlled by the Dollmaster. The dolls looked like regular china girl dolls, and were used to infiltrate households by being given to the children living within. They could be damaged as easily as any other toy, but because they were not alive, they could remain functional even after being shot, making them surprisingly effective in combat. However, the animator could also feel any injury inflicted on the doll, for example feeling like they were burning when the doll was set alight. Luckily for the animators, any such pain was purely psychosomatic, and would end when the doll was destroyed or they were discontected. Via his control device, the Dollmaster could see whatever the dolls did, allowing him to spy on anyone who had one of his dolls in their possession.

History: Having perfected a device that enabled someone to animate specially constructed dolls using mental impulses, the Dollmaster imprisoned individuals such as a safe cracker, assassins and  gangster so he could use their skills to commit crimes on the Dollmaster's behalf. When Special Security Agent Don Starr was assigned to investigate reports of a doll breaking into a safe containing Foreign Office state secrets, the Dollmaster sent a quartet of assassin dolls after him, then changed his mind and took Don prisoner, figuring the agent's skill set would be a valuable addition to his pool of prisoners. However, Starr escaped and the Dollmaster sent an army of dolls after him, rigged to explode as soon as they came into contact with anything human. Don evaded them and hid, and when Dollmaster moved closer to investigate, Don pushed the Dollmaster into his own dolls, which promptly detonated, ending the evil genius' life.

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