a.k.a.: Bunty and Suzy

Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: Bunty #1 (January 18th 1958)

Last Issue: Bunty #2249 (February 17th 2001)

Absorbed: Mandy and Judy

Absorbed into: None

Strips: The Four Marys; Marinda, Mystery Girl of the Sea; Supergirl, Catch the Cat, The Comp, Penny's Place, Bella the Bookworm, Lydia and the Little People, Simple Simone, The Survivors, The Traitor's Daughter, Taka - from the Back of Beyond, Ten Against the Tryptons, Boyfriend from Blupo, Witch, Mighty Mo, Maid Marion, Margie's Magic Aunt, Ghosthunters, Mojo the Milky Way Dog, Marsha the Perfect Schoolgirl, Mona and the Mini-Folk, Mona's Moonstone, Wendy and the Wee Ones, Ghost Train, School of Shadows, Wendy's Wonder Horse, The Seeker, Merry at St. Mead's, Mindreader Mindy, The Emperor's Eagle, The Flights of Flopear, Miss Merlin, Phantom Friend, Lona the Wonder Girl, Harriet's Chariot, Her From Up There, Starla's Spell, The Hooded Angel, Oriel, Superlamb, Wonderful Wanda, Invisible Isla, Invisible Schoolgirl, Brassribs, Electra of the Evil Eye, Wendy's Web, The School Beneath the Dome, Uggy Muggy from Mars, The Girl from the Flying Saucer, Maisie Mercury, Taming of Teresa


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