Invisible Isla

Real Name: Isla Norden

Identity/Class: Human chemically empowered

Occupation: School girl


Enemies: Spike Adams

Known Relatives: Eric Norden (father), unidentified mother.

Aliases: None

Base of Operations:

First Appearance: Bunty #1748 (31st March 1992, D.C.Thomson)

Powers/Abilities: By drinking a special formula, Isla can become invisible. However, she can't become visisble again until she drinks the antidote. Her clothes do not vanish. She wears a specially designed latex mask and gloves to hide her condition.

History: When twelve year old Isla Norden accidentally drank a formula her chemist father had been working on in his home lab, it swiftly turned her invisible. Her father devoted himself to finding a cure, and in the meantime helped her hide her condition using a lifelike mask and gloves made from a latex he had created. Isla soon decided to use her invisibility to help others, beginning by proving to the headmaster of her school that bully Spike Adams was extorting valuables from other pupils.


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