Real Name: Susie Sullivan

Identity/Class: Human cyborg

Occupation: School girl, government agent

Affiliations: Mercury (her superior's codename), Candy (best friend)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Unidentified parents

Aliases: Supergirl (name of her strip), Super Sue (name of her reprint publication), Susie Solomon

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Bunty #1011 (D.C. Thomson, 28th May 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Her bionic eyes allow her to see in the dark, provide telescopic vision, and can magnify images to 20 times their size, while her bionic ears can hear faint sounds and those outwith the normal human hearing range. Her bionic legs allow her to run at 100 mph, swim at 40 mph or leap 50 feet across, and her bionic arms can rip apart metal nets, and she can also home in on radio signals. She carries a crutch to maintain her secret identity, which also includes a tiny TV receiver allowing Mercury to contact her.

History: Crippled after being hit by a car, Susie Sullivan agreed to become a government agent in return for being given bionic enhancements.

Comments: None.

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