Black Hawk

Black Hawk later in his career, now a crimefighterReal Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Criminal mastermind, later crimefighter

Affiliations: Soyo

Enemies: Calvin Crisp

Known Relatives:

Aliases: The Robber whose Highway is the Skyway

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Hotspur #362 (D.C.Thomson, 25 September 1966 - 68)

Powers/Abilities: The Black Hawk made use of an "atom powered aircraft" called the Hoverer, armed with a variety of gadgets.

The HovererHistory: The Black Hawk was a brilliant inventor who became a master criminal. After a while he reformed and became a crime-fighter.

Comments: "The Robber whose Highway is the Skyway". Specialising in daring crimes where he would taunt the authorities before hand, Black Hawk was hunted by private detective Calvin Crisp.

His assistant was a mute known as Soyo.

The Black Hawk's adventures would eventually be relettered and reused under the new title "The Scarlet Hawk".

Is this the Black Hawk? According to Denis Gifford's Encyclopedia of Comics, he is, but numerous other people have told me that Black Hawk only ever wore the costume seen above, not the one on the right. Can anyone clear this mystery up, and if the guy on the left isn't Black Hawk, then who is he?

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