The Scarlet Hawk

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Crimefighter, formerly criminal mastermind

Affiliations: Strogo

Enemies: The Crime Dealer

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A hidden base in Dorset, England.

First Appearance: Hotspur (D.C.Thomson, late 1970's)

Powers/Abilities: The Scarlet Hawk's main weapon was his superintelligent mind. He supplemented this with his astounding Aviosub, personal jet-packs, suction pads on their costumes to allow Strogo and him to climb sheer surfaces, and many more bizarre gadgets. The Hawk would often use his throwball, "a solid rubber ball on an elastic cord" as a deadly weapon.

History: Once a master criminal, the Scarlet Hawk now devoted his life to fighting international crime. He and his ex-circus strongman assistant, Strogo, would set out from their secret headquarters beneath the Dorset Cliffs in the amazing Aviosub, which could operate in the air or underwater, and use the high tech gadgets the Hawk had designed to thwart the plans of criminals the world over.

The Aviosub(Untitled, Hotspur Annual 1979.) The Scarlet Hawk is forced to commit robberies by a criminal known as the Dealer, who is holding a top scientist (and friend of the Hawk) hostage. Naturally the Hawk manages to turn the tables on his opponent, capturing him and freeing his friend.

Comments: At least initially the Scarlet Hawk consisted of nothing more than re-lettered versions of the earlier Black Hawk strips.

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