a.k.a.: The Beezer and Topper

Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: Beezer #1 (21st January 1956)

Last Issue: Beezer #1809 (15th September 1990)

Absorbed: Topper, Cracker, Plug

Absorbed into: The Beezer and Topper

Strips: Adrian's Fables, Adrian the Barbarian, The Banana Bunch, Big Ed, Big Uggy, Calamity Jane, Charlie Chick, Ginger, The Hillys and the Billys, Little Mo, Lone Wolfe, Mick on the Moon, Nero and Zero, Nosey Parker, The Numskulls, Pam; Pop, Dick and Harry; Shorty, Smart Alice, Sting!, The Voyage of the Bushwacker ; Young Sid, the Copper's Kid


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