Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: Cracker #1 (18th January 1975)

Last Issue: Cracker #87 (11th September 1976)

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Beezer

Strips: The Astro-Nuts, Big-Head Branny, Billy the Kid, Castaways on Planet Doom, Curly's Commandos, Dunder Ed, Hector the Collector, Iron Hand, Little 'Orror, Fiends Beans, The Headhunters, Joe Soap, Mad Ads, The Nutters, Sammy Says/Sammy's Special Report/Sammy's Football Report; Skooldaze - Snookums, The Headhunters, Spookum Skool; Scrapper, Simple Spyman, Spookie Cookie, Young Foo,


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