Ambrose Chase

Real Name: Ambrose Chase

Identity/Class: Human mutant (specifically Second generation genetically altered human)

Occupation: Archaeologist of the Unknown, agent of Planetary

Affiliations: Planetary

Enemies: The Four

Known Relatives: Larissa Chase (wife), Angela Chase (daughter)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Planetary #9 (but he was mentioned prior to this)

Powers/Abilities: Ambrose was capable of generating a "selective physics distortion field" meaning he was able to temporarily relax or suspend the laws of physics around his body. Ambrose usually used his powers to speed up his subjective time, effectively giving him super speed, or suspend gravity around his body, allowing him to run on vertical surfaces (presumably among other things). It's commonly thought that Ambrose was actually the deadliest of the field team, even overshadowing Jakita Wagner and Elijah Snow in terms of sheer power. Ambrose was also an exceptionally excellent marksman with pistols.

History: Ambrose Chase was the son of one of the surviving test subjects of U.S. Science City Zero (said to be America's covert answer to Russian science cities during the early cold war era, but actually a research station testing the limits of the human body) and another unknown person. Though much of Ambrose's history is hazy we do know that Elijah Snow made and kept contact with Ambrose from a very early age, becoming a close friend of his family and slowly guiding him towards a career in Planetary. After Elijah Snow disappeared Ambrose became the defacto leader of the field team, but unfortunately while raiding an installation used by the Four to create a tangible yet fictional universe Ambrose was gunned down (the installation apparently followed the rules of the fictional universe, which seemed to be straight out of a bad Sci-Fi movie - including the cliched "The black man always dies first."). What actually happened to Ambrose after his death is a mystery even to those who witnessed it; he seems to have been swallowed by his own physics distortion field.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis.

Profile provided by Cadmus.

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