Jakita Wagner

Real Name: Jakita Wagner

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Archaeologist of the Unknown, agent of Planetary

Affiliations: Planetary; Jack Carter

Enemies: The Four

Known Relatives: Kevin Blackstock (father), Mr and Mrs Wagner (foster parents), Anaykah (mother)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Active worldwide

First Appearance: Planetary #1

Powers/Abilities: Jakita has superhuman strength, can move at incredible speeds, and has a level of invulnerability. She has telescopic vision. Since she is actually in her seventies, it appears that she either ages very slowly, or not at all.

History: Jakita is the daughter of "century baby" Kevin Blackstock (essentially Ellis' answer to Tarzan), and a scientist from the fabled city of Opak-Re. Both Elijah Snow and Blackstock visited Opak-Re in the 1930's; the former fell in love with Elijah's mother and the latter seduced her while Elijah was gone on other business. Opak-Re had a strict no-interbreeding law, and once Jakita's existence was discovered the townspeople left the infant on their little entry pier and sealed their golden city away from the world (supposedly forever). Elijah was lucky enough to return to the city as it was sealing and saved Jakita, who he fostered with a German couple he had encountered several years before, the Wagners (apparently they had a run-in with space aliens). When Jakita actually joined Planetary is unclear, but she and Elijah have an odd surrogate father/daughter relationship. She also had a relationship with British street mage Jack Carter during the 1980's.

When the Four removed Snow's memories, Jakita became the head of Planetary's field team. Eventually she decided to ignore Snow's orders to leave him amnesiac, and recruited him back into the organisation.

Comments: Created by Warren Ellis

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