Detective Zed

Real Name: Zed of the Yard

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Police detective

Affiliations: Flying Squad, Mad Mek, PeeWee, Spider

Enemies: Frog Brothers

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: London, c.2150A.D.

First Appearance: Eagle (5th September 1987-?)

Powers/Abilities: Call him "the pinging detective"Zed is stronger and more durable than humans. He is bulletproof, can see in the infra-red and use x-rays to see through things too. Some of his fingers can be fired like bullets, to stun opponents. His legs are mounted on hydraulics, allowing him to jump great distances like a humanoid pogo stick. Sadly his density tends to mean his landings demolish most things he lands on, intentionally and otherwise. He is waterproof, but due to his great weight is not able to swim.

History: "The Place is London. The year is 2150. I know, because I read the paper this morning. That was the date that was on it."

Thus began Detective Zed, the story of London's first robotic detective. The creation of Doc Schwartz, Zed stood for Z-Series Experimental Detective.

Programmed to catch the crooks, and stop for nothing on the way, Zed would blunder his way through cases like a one man demolition derby, constantly narrating in his Chandleresque way. His immediate superior wanted nothing more than to get rid of him, but Zed also had a streak of luck and in spite of the damage he left in his wake, he managed to stay on the force.

Assisting Zed were a number of smaller robots which lived in his interior, being released for special operations. PeeWee, his general purpose miniature assistant, would exit his upper chest on command, while Flying Squad was his aerial unit, initially resembling a bat, later mounted on a tiny bi-plane and armed with tiny machine guns; both versions had the "top-ho" personality of a WW I aviator. Other helpers seen were Spider, who served as an infiltration unit, and Mad Mek, who would exit Zed's right foot to lend firepower.

Zed's miniature assistants

Flying Squad, Zed's aerial unit.

Mad Mek



Comments: Written by A. O'Key, with art by Robin Smith.


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