The Yellow Jacket

Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: O.S.S. Agent (1940’s); former United States Marine (WWI); former millionaire (1920’s); traveling hobo (1930’s)

Affiliations: ally of all three incarnations of the Emerald Mantis; the Star-Spangled Squadron, the Sacred Scarab, Col. Chino “Bulldog” Lee and the O.S.S., Crash Colton

Enemies: Der Todeskopf and S.K.U.L.L.; el Bandito Suave; Baron Samedi; the Zombie Henri Jambeau; Joe the Rapist Bastard; the Farkas Brothers; the Hypnotist of Horror;
formerly FBI Agent Charlie Hunter

Known Relatives: Sheriff Samuel “Deadeye” Clark (alleged father); Annabelle Clark (alleged mother); Voodoo Priestess Madame Brigitte Gable (rumored real mother)

Aliases: Pvt. George Ulysses Clark, U.S.M.C.

Base of Operations: Mobile, but he has known to locate himself in St. François de port, Mississippi from time-to-time

First Appearance: Shooting Star Comics Anthology #1

Powers/Abilities: Crack shot with guns, motorcycle expert, bar room brawler

History: His past shrouded in mystery, a young southern man joined the Marine Corps in order to escape some trouble facing him back home. The private ended up toting a rifle over in the battlefields of Europe and learned about the horrors of life during the First World War. The man, who would one day become the vigilante known as the Yellow Jacket, got a new lease on life after surviving an explosion from a German bomb shell that landed too close for proximity. Unfortunately, everyone else in his squad was killed. He was the lone survivor and walked out of the trenches literally a different man when he assumed the identity of a fellow Marine from Mississippi named George Clark. Nobody seemed to notice. He would become a decorated war hero and return to St. François de port where he lived life to the fullest during the roaring 1920's in his new identity.

Nearly a decade after the war, the man now known as George Clark survived an ambush which killed the only woman he truly loved and left him for dead. Vowing to avenge her murder, he donned a masquerade costume mask and was nicknamed "The Yellow Jacket" after the fireman's yellow and black striped jacket he wore. He spent the 1930's hunting down all those responsible and traveled far and wide as he meted our deserved punishment. Along the way, he stood up for the common man where he saw that the law failed to protect those in need and justice was no where to be found. His methods were outside the boundaries of the law as he took matters into his own hands and helped those who could not help themselves as he acted as judge, jury and executioner to their oppressors. No innocent man was ever killed by his hands. Pursued by both criminals and law enforcement alike, he was finally apprehended in 1939 by a tenacious young F.B.I. agent named Charlie Hunter. Sentenced to death by the court system, Yellow Jacket was reprieved when he was enlisted to help his country during the Second World War where he joined the Star-Spangled Squadron. The vigilante became a national hero as he continued to fight injustice, this time, in cooperation with law officials as he protected citizens of the free world. Still, particulars about his true past, other dealings in his life and his escapades as the Yellow Jacket remain very secretive and somewhat controversially exaggerated.

Comments: Created by Scott McCullar ( The trenchcoat and fedora wearing vigilante appeared regularly in Shooting Star Comics Anthology as one of the features. Currently, there are plans to return the vigilante in a spin-off book of his own called Thrill Seeker Comics.

The Yellow Jacket is one of the participants in War of the Independents.

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