Real Name: Captain John Justice

Identity/Class: Human mutate.

Occupation: Playboy, formerly military.

Affiliations: Jan Barrie (girlfriend)

Enemies: Unknown.

Known Relatives: Edward (father)

Aliases: Atomic Marvel

Base of Operations: Unknown.

First Appearance: Wonderman (Paget Publications, 1948-51)

Powers/Abilities: Superstrength, invulnerability, and "superhuman atomic powers". He also has X-Ray vision, "super-radar ears" able to hear conversations at great distances, and apparently able to travel back and forward in time at will. His powers include a sixth sense that acts to warn him that "something is about to happen" in the story it works to warn him of danger to Jan. He also uses his mental powers to pick up on and tune into others thoughts.

History: The son of the late Edward Justice, a renowned scientist, John had been given atomic powers by his father, which he used to fight evil in the guise of Wonderman. In his alter ego, he maintained the pretense that he was a good for nothing playboy.

Comments: Drawn by Mike Anglo, the same artist who later created Marvelman. At least twenty-four issues of his series were published.

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