Real Name: Jim Conner

Identity/Class: Unknown

Occupation: Police Lab Assistant

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Black Panther

Known Relatives: Mary (fiancee)

Aliases: Unknown

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Unknown

Powers/Abilities: Able to fly and with above average strength.

History: Unknown

Comments: Thanks to Dansen T.Stahl who provided the following information, gleaned from an old fan magazine "Rocket Blast Comi-Collector".

"Wonderman was a direct swipe of Master Comics star, Bulletman (appearance wise). His fiancee was Mary, daughter of the desk sergeant. He appeared in Peril Planet and fought a foe wearing an animal head mask and cape called the Black Panther. He was a backup feature, thus the colors of his costume could not be determined." The original contributors of this information to the magazine were John Ryan and Howard P. Siegel.

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