Real Name: ? Carson

Identity/Class: Presumably human mutate

Occupation: None disclosed

Affiliations: None disclosed

Enemies: Danger Unlimited

Known Relatives: Dr Carson (Doc Danger, husband), Constance Carson (Miss Mirage, daughter), Calvin Carson (Thermal, son), Hunk Worley (son-in-law)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: None disclosed

First Appearance: off-camera Danger Unlimited #1 (Dark Horse, February 1994) - Umbra has never actually appeared as such in any comic

Powers/Abilities: Unknown - appeared to be able to generate some sort of "explosive force".

History: Originally the wife of Doc Danger and mother of his children Constance and Calvin, the unnamed Mrs. Carson somehow became the supervillain / menace known as Umbra, an enemy of Danger Unlimited. In 1985 she attacked the Danger Unlimited base. Thermal and Doc Danger attempted to contain her, the former holding back Umbra's "explosive force" while the latter tried to erect a defense screen. Thermal was injured, and Doc Danger sealed him inside a stasis pod to protect him, before returning to the fray. The exact outcome of the subsequent battle is unknown, but Doc Danger apparently lost. Before the end, he closed down all the base's equipment, and placed a "quad-field time lock" around the headquarters, which finally came down seventy-five years later. Presumably he did this in order to contain Umbra. This apparently wasn't successful in the long run, since years later Thermal's new partner, La Belabet, started to tell him of something Umbra did subsequently. What this was is unknown, as her story was interrupted.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.

The dictionary definition of umbra is "A dark area, especially the blackest part of a shadow from which all light is cut off", which might be a clue as to either Umbra's demeanour, or her powers.

Thanks to Daniel for the information about Umbra's true identity.

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