La Belabet

Real Name: Teresa LaFayette

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Corporal in the C-Ops (Corporate Operatives)

Affiliations: former member of the C-Ops, member of the 21st century version of Danger Unlimited

Enemies: the Xlerii

Known Relatives: "Gram" LaFayette (great-grandmother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth, c. A.D.2060

First Appearance: Danger Unlimited #1 (Dark Horse)

Powers/Abilities: Belabet can transform from her human form into a seven foot tall behemoth with rock-like skin and superhuman strength. She is a skilled pilot, and trained in various forms of combat.

History: Sometime around the start of the 21st century, an alien race known as the Xlerii conquered the Earth, eliminating all the superhumans who opposed their occupation. They modified the climate to suit themselves, blotting out the skies with permanent storms.

Years later, in 2060, Teresa LaFayette was one of a number of C-Ops agents sent into the newly accessible Danger Unlimited base, which had been sealed off from the outside world for more than seventy five years. Inside they discovered Thermal, last surviving member of the 20th century hero team, still alive after decades of stasis. However Teresa was also exposed to "gunk", the same mutagenic substance which had empowered the members of Danger Unlimited more than a century earlier. She was transformed into a gigantic, rock-like creature, and for a fortnight was inert and believed dead.

Eventually she awoke in hospital, reverting to her human form. She was taken to meet Thermal, who was also receiving medical treatment. Moments after they were introduced, an armoured Xlerii attacked them, trying to kill Thermal. The assailant had not reckoned with a second superhuman opponent though, and Teresa transformed again, then overpowered the Xlerii with ease.

She and Thermal escaped, and later teamed up with another mutate, Caucus, to form the new version of Danger Unlimited, dedicated to freeing Earth from the Xlerii

Comments: Created by John Byrne


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