Doc Danger

Real Name: ? Carson

Identity/Class: Human mutate, later cyborg

Occupation: Superhero, scientist

Affiliations: member of Danger Unlimited

Enemies: Golgotha, Umbra

Known Relatives: Thermal (son); Miss Mirage (daughter), Hunk Worley (son-in-law), Umbra (wife)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Danger Unlimited Complex, Rocky Mountains

First Appearance: Danger Unlimited #1 (Dark Horse, February 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Doc possessed increased intelligence, and his head expands as his intelligence does.

History: In 1959 explorer Mike "Hunk" Worley discovered what appeared to be a crashed alien spaceship in the jungles of South America. He contacted renowned scientist Dr.Carson, who came as quickly as he could, accompanied by his two teenage children, Calvin and Connie. The group made it's way to the ship, and made camp outside it. However early the next morning Calvin and Connie snuck in to the vehicle, discovering an alien corpse inside. Their father and Mike soon discovered their absence, and began a frantic hunt for the teens. Something, possibly automated systems, rendered all of them unconscious. The children awoke in tubes, where they were being immersed in a strange gunk. Calvin paniced, and his body transformed, generating intense hear which melted him free from his restraints. Calvin freed his sister, and then they located and released Mike and their father. It transpired that somehow the "gunk" had mutated each of them, giving them incredible powers. In Doc's case, his mind was altered, massively boosting his intelligence. The four spent a year and a half perfecting their control of their abilities, before going public, announcing to the world at a ceremony attended by many other superhumans, that they were launching a new team of superheroes, Danger Unlimited. Calvin dubbed his father Doc Danger.

Doc Danger's mutation progressed over the years until he was effectively no more than a gigantic head. He overcome this limitation by designing a hover chair equipped with several mechanical arms.

In 1985 Umbra attacked the Danger Unlimited base. Thermal and Doc Danger attempted to contain him, the former holding back Umbra's "explosive force" while the latter tried to erect a defense screen. The effort overloaded Calvin's powers, and he collapsed. Doc Danger flew to the assistance of his son, and seeing him injured, placed him in a stasis pod, where he would be protected and preserved until his father could release him and see to his injuries. Calvin protested that his father couldn't fight Umbra alone, but Doc Danger ignored his pleas and sealed the pod.

The exact outcome of the subsequent battle is unknown, but Doc Danger apparently lost. Before the end, he closed down all the base's equipment, and placed a "quad-field time lock" around the headquarters, which finally came down seventy-five years later. Presumably he did this in order to contain Umbra, and it seems likely that Doc Danger died shortly afterwards.

Comments: Created by John Byrne.

Thanks to Josh Geren for informing me of what the Doc's powers are.

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