Tom Tom the Robot Man

Real Name: Patricia Carthy

Identity/Class: Human wearing high tech armour

Occupation: School girl

Affiliations: Ally of Jack Staff

Enemies: Shock; Doc Tempest

Known Relatives: Russell Carthy (father, deceased); Sandra Lee (mother, deceased)

Aliases: The Robot Man

Base of Operations: Castleton

First Appearance: Jack Staff #1 (Dancing Elephant Press, April 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Tom Tom wears a massive suit of powered armour that grants a variety of powers. Apart from flight, superhuman strength, and presumably bullet-proof armour, Tom Tom is also able to generate a forcefield, and can discharge the solar battery that powers the armour as a blast of light and heat.

History: Though the world believed Tom Tom the Robot Man to be an experimental robot designed for space exploration which had turned to crimefighting after its creators were killed in a laboratory explosion, in fact "he" was really a young girl, the daughter of said inventors, two former members of Unit D, and Tom Tom was a mechanical suit. Left in a wheelchair by the explosion which killed her parents, she got a new lease of life inside the armour. She was one of the more established modern day crimefighters of Jack Staff's world, having taken on foes such as Doc Tempest, the Weather Wizard, prior to her first appearance in the strip.

Comments: Created by Paul Grist.


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