Unit D


Commander Hawkes, Unit D leader

Clive Horton, intelligence

Peggy James, surveillance systems

Sandra Lee, weapons expert

Russell Carthy, scientific genius

Terry Stringer, unarmed combat

Purpose: To combat superhuman crimes

Affiliations: Jack Staff

Enemies: The Spider; Hurricane

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Jack Staff #6 (Dancing Elephant Press)

History: In order to combat the growing number of so-called super crooks active in Britain, in 1962 the government formed a specialist unit dedicated to catching those criminals beyond the reach of the regular police force: Unit D. The original members are listed above. By 1964 Jack Staff was working with Unit D, aiding their efforts.

Unit D was closed down in 1986, following the Bank of England Bullion Raid. Commander Hawkes continues to operate solo and was recently part of the group trying to stop the Hurrican Rage-Attack incidents.

Comments: Each member of Unit D had specialist skills, but as far as I can tell only Commander Hawkes had what you could describe as superpowers.  His right hand is superstrong (it's either bionic, or some sort of power gauntlet, but which one is unclear). Hawkes seems to have fallen out with Staff, saying "When it comes to the crunch, he won't be there." Whether he was refering to a past event or the mysterious war that Jack Staff opted out of is unclear.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for additional information.

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