Tom Strong

Real Name: Tomas Strong

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Science hero

Affiliations: founder of The Strongmen of America (largely a club for children); owner of Pneuman; creator of King Soloman; ally of the heroes of Terra Obscura and of Johnny Future

Enemies: Paul Saveen; Albrecht Strong; Ingrid Weiss; The Pangaean

Known Relatives: Dhalua Strong (wife); Tesla Strong (daughter); Albrecht Strong (son); Sinclair Strong (father, deceased); Susan Strong (mother, deceased); Chief Omotu (father in law), Paul Saveen (half-brother)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Millennium City

First Appearance: Tom Strong #1 (America's Best Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Tom's strength and reflexes are well above human norms, thanks to his unusual upbringing. He also ages very slowly - currently over 100 years old, he looks to be in his early forties at most. However his greatest ability remains his incredible intellect, which allows him to both invent astounding gadgets to combat the foes he faces, and to think himself out of any situation he finds himself in.

History: In 1899 scientist Sinclair Strong and his wife Susan were shipwrecked on the remote "island of rainbows" Attabar Teru. Sinclair assembled a robot called Pneuman which helped them build a house in the crater of a dormant volcano. Shortly after their arrival, Susan became pregnant, and several months later, she gave birth. It was a difficult delivery, and the child would not have lived if the Ozu, the island's natives, had not assisted with the birth. The Strongs named their child Tomas, in memory of the black man who had brought them to the island and died in the shipwreck.

Sinclair treated his son like a science experiment. He kept the boy inside an artificial chamber in the crater which constantly exposed him to a 5G environment, and fed him the native Goloka root, reputed to extend the lifespan of those who partook of it. Tom grew up very strong, but unable to ever truly touch his parents. When he was eight, an earthquake struck; Tom, protected by the chamber, was unharmed, but his parents were both killed. Tom moved to live with the Ozu, raised by Chief Omotu as his own. As he grew older he proved to be a genius like his father, inventing a myriad of devices to make the native's lives easier. Then when he turned twentyone, he decided it was time to venture into the outside world for the first time.

Tom moved to America, where he established himself as a science hero, battling such villains as the criminal genius Paul Saveen. Eventually he returned home to marry Dhalua, the Chief's daughter, and they had a child Tesla. The entire family now carries on the crime fighting dynasty Tom has established.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore.

Mike Murphy notes that "Tom Strong is an amalgam of Tarzan, Doc Savage, and Superman (most strongly shows in the origin sequence)."


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