Paul Saveen

Real Name: Paul Dorian Saveen

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Science-villian

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Tom Strong

Known Relatives: Nancy Saveen (mother, a contemporary of Sinclair Strong and fellow member of the Copernicus Club), Sinclair Strong (father, deceased), Dhalua Strong (sister-in-law); Tesla Strong (neice); Albrecht Strong (nephew)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Millennium City

First Appearance: Tom Strong # 1 (America's Best Comics)

Powers/Abilities: Genius, inventor of amazing gadgets and weapons.

History: Born in 1899, a year before the start of the 20th century, Paul Saveen was already a rich man through various patents for amazing inventions by the time he moved to Millennium City in 1917. But money wasn't enough for young Saveen, who craved power as well. He swiftly built himself a criminal empire which became the dominant force in the underworld of America. Who knows how far he might have gone, had his meteoric rise not been halted abruptly by the unexpected arrival of the science hero, Tom Strong?

The two were enemies almost from the second they met, and over several decades they clashed again and again. Often Saveen was reported to have died at the end of one of their conflicts, but each time he returned anew in spite of his apparent death. He appears to have finally died for real around 1983, out in the deserts of western Africa - 9 years later, in 1992, his skeleton was discovered and conclusively identified using dental records.

Comments: Created by Alan Moore.

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