Tin-Can Tommy

Real Name: Tommy

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Child

Affiliations: Ironsides (robot horse), Babe, Clanky (robot cat)

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Professor Lee (creator, "father"), unidentified "mother" (Lee's wife), unidentified "brother" (Lee's son, deceased), Babe ("sister", fellow robot)

Aliases: The Clockwork Boy

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Beano #1 (DC Thomson, 30th July 1938)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

Tommy with Babe and IronsidesHistory: A year after the death of his son, Professor Lee decides to ease his and his wife's grieving by building a robotic replacement. Using clockwork and springs in his workshop, the Professor contructs Tin-Can Tommy, who proves to be a cheerful and lively creation. In time the Professor assembled further robots, including  Babe, a "sister" for Tommy.

Comments: Created by the Dinelli brothers, Tin Can Tommy was originally an Italian reprint, but from Beano #69 (18th November 1939) it taken over by British creators when the Italian creators suddenly went incommunicado, possible victims of Mussilini's fascist regime.

Tommy's strip ran from the first issue of Beano in 1938 until Beano #303 (8th February 1947). In Beano #3185, a 65th Anniversary Special, Tommy briefly returned to encounter Bea the Mini-Menace, the sister of Dennis the Menace.


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