Real Name: Sue Travers

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Sue TraversOccupation: School girl

Affiliations: Amazing Three, Police Inspector Burke

Enemies: Volger

Known Relatives: Craig (brother, a.k.a. Blue Wizard)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: Jackpot (I.P.C., 1979-80)

Powers/Abilities: Tanya can fire lasers from her fingertips (and in Zenith appeared to have superstrength and bulletproof skin too.  She also demonstrates powers of "deep hypnosis" at one point.) She can fly and is capable of going into outer space without a suit on, even flying interstellar distances in minutes, though the ability to survive in space is apparently down to a spell cast by Blue Wizard, rather than her own powers.

Tanya can fly and blast lasers from her fingertips

She may also have a level of superhuman strength.

History: Sue uses the magic words "Rings of Zorr" to activate her transformation into her superhero form.

Comments: Created by Trevor Metcalfe.

Sue and Craig (Tanya and the Blue Wizard) are brother and sister.

Tanya in ZenithAll of the Amazing Three appeared as major supporting cast in Zenith: Phase 3. Tanya was a casualty of the war against the Lliogor, being decapitated by a particularly vicious blow to the head. After the battle was won, Blue Wizard erected a monument in honour of all the fallen heroes, including his sister.


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