Publisher: IPC

Format: Weekly anthology comic

First Issue: Jackpot #1 (5th May 1979)

Last Issue: Jackpot #141 (30th January 1982)


Absorbed into: Buster

Strips: The Amazing Three, Angel's Proper Charlies, Class Wars, Cry Baby, Full O'Beans, The Incredible Sulk, It's a Nice Life, Kid King, Laser Eraser, The Loon Ranger, Milly O'Naire and Penny Less, Robot Smith, Richie Wraggs, The Terror Toys

Comments: The first issue of the weekly comic Jackpot was released on 5th May 1979. It took its name from Jack Pott, a gambling obsessed character who had originally appeared in Cor!!, but unlike other titles named after specific characters (Buster, Shiver and Shake, etc) he wasn't the regular cover star, which initially rotated between several characters until finally settling down with The Winners, who joined the comic in #75 and took over the cover slot from #101 to the final issue.

Jackpot strips included:

After 141 issues, Jackpot cancelled on 30th January 1982 and merged into Buster.

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