Real Name:

Identity/Class: Ghost




Known Relatives:


Base of Operations: Cynosure

First Appearance: Grimjack #10

Powers/Abilities: Insubstantial in some realities. Can shred opponents with poltergeist like abilities. In dimensions were she has little form, she can hold herself together by the power of her will alone, but it leaves her vulnerable to strong emotions.

History: "The lady calls herself Spook. The kicker is: she claims to be a real one - back in her own dimension. She got stranded when it slipped out of phase with Cynosure. Supposedly her density varies according to where she is in the city. Report says she became a hard-timer because she's got th'most matter when she travels back in time." "Never carries a weapon, yet corpses get found 'round her all th'same." Appears to take the heads of those she kills.

Spook is an ex-Hard-Timer (temporal bounty hunter) who formerly rode with Major Lash and the Law Killers.

"I am the ghost - a soul without protection of a body. The Major, he is without soul. I am nothing but soul. He feeds upon me. Near him I lose my will, without which I am literally nothing. I barely escape him before."

Gaunt points out that other ghosts he has known have haunted either specific places or people. "I did, in life as in death. I loved a man who was no good for me...I was obsessed with him, haunting his walks, his life. To escape me he killed me. But my love, my obsession, did not die. I haunted him again - and neither of us knew peace. When our dimension slipped from phase with Cynosure my lover tricked me. Trapped me behind in the city. I became...tangible, but lost.

The first one I meet is the Major. He takes me, makes me part of his Lawkillers. Made me his toy."

Comments: Created by John Ostrander.

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